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To track daily to-do's and events for all users: Stay steps ahead of the game with task and activity management tools. Automate the creation of new tasks, like reminders to follow up on calls after they happen. If tasks creation can’t be automated, tools to create them are built right into your workflow, and automatically link to relevant information so that when an event reminder pops up, it’s always rich in detail about what you need to do so you’re never left scrambling.

Leads & Customer Management
Get up to speed on each relationship faster, with a 360-degree history of your leads and customers. Build if-then rules to automate record creation, field updates, and notifications.

Campaign Management
Capture leads against campaign, design multiple campaign sources and evaluate the top campaigns for lead generation to real estate business.

Broker Registration
Allows capturing of broker details.

Other Features

Faster, smarter service that will increase loyalty, retention and satisfaction.


A goal is a dream with a deadline.


Make a customer, not a sale.


Expect the best, prepare for the worst, capitalize on what comes.

Troop.Works Flexibility

Our Cloud

Our Cloud

Choose to access Troop.Works CRM in Our Cloud and say hello to pre-eminent security, maintenance and updates, with 24/7 access via any web-enabled device.
Your Cloud

Your Cloud

Choose Your Cloud to maximize your existing IT infrastructure or existing cloud supplier and use your own security protocols.

Drive performance. Optimize revenue.

Learn how Troop.Works can make your team more productive.

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